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Three thousand years ago, the first surfers appeared in the west Polynesian Islands in the Pacific Ocean when Polynesian fishermen used wooden boards to quickly return to the shore with their large catch of fish.

Surfing started in the Israeli coastal waters in the middle of the 1950s and the first ones to master the skill were lifeguards.

Leegal was established in 2003 and is considered one of the leading clubs in Israel today. It organizes surfing camps and annual workshops, gives private and group lessons and more. Another aspect of the Leegal’s activities is organizing surfing contests, beach-cleaning days, assistance to youths at risk and more.

The Leegal Sea Culture surfing club was founded by Gal Dahan, a surfing instructor on a global level, certified lifeguard and former Israeli surfing champion. The term ‘culture’ is an integral part of the club and the way it teaches youngsters about discipline, responsibility, cooperation and imparts theoretic knowledge about the rules of the sea, especially with regard to safety. Gal’s wide knowledge is transmitted to the staff and therefore the instructions that the youngsters get is based on professionalism, experience, skills and of course safety.

Our Shop


Our surfing shop has everything related to surfing! Safe surfboards for beginners, surfboards for more advanced youngsters, hard surfboards for professional surfers, boogies and more. You can buy new or used equipment according to your budget and of course you can upgrade your gear as your surfing skills progress. You can also trade in your old gear.


We have a wide range of wetsuits available, depending on the type of activity: surfing, sailing, SUP or kayak. For each suit, you need to know your current weight and height. The suits come in varying thickness: suits for the spring and fall are 2mm thick and suits for the Israel winter are 3.2mm or 4.3mm for people more sensitive to the cold.

Simple wetsuits have stitching and their low costs make them suitable for a beginner surfer or sailor. The more upgraded suits combine stitching and internal gluing. They are of a higher quality and therefore protect you better against the cold. The suits that combine internal and external adhesion are the most expensive ones and are usually purchased by the most advanced surfers. Our shop sells brands such as O’Neill, Hurley, Body Glove and more.

Auxiliary Equipment

During the Israeli summer, the sun is very hot and dangerous. That’s why we protect ourselves with colorful surfing tops that filter radiation at UV 50 level and sun cream that sticks well and is developed especially for the face and for long days of participating in sea sports. Additional gear includes hats that filter radiation and which tie under your chin so you won’t lose them at sea, long, tight pants that will prevent you from getting stung by jellyfish and very stretchy surfing pants that will enable you to be flexible and comfortable with every wave.

Our shop also has a wide range of surfing brands for daily use, such as short-sleeve shirts, surf shorts, cool flip-flops, women’s bathing suits, colorful hats, etc.

Great surf packages

shekels only

Hanuca Camp
(ages 7 to 17)

5 days including full gear

Insurance and instructions

shekels only

Six lessons of 1.5 hours each

Softech surfboard 2016 New


shekels only

1.5 hour lesson

Rent a surfboard
for 3 hours


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